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December 2018
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QMII Management System Experts

"A bad system will defeat a good person every time"
- W. Edwards Deming

Your organization's management system largely determines outcomes such as security, safety, sustainability, satisfaction and profitability.

When a system causes the problems and lets down the organization, employees in the organization cannot change it. It is the leaders/ Top Management (TM) who can lead the change. Whenever organizations are pushed to introduce too many inspections, they must pause and review the system. Too many inspections are a clear indication of a system malfunctioning!

QMII brings to you integrity and social responsibility in ensuring your system works. Our management system goes beyond what are typical "ISO consultants" to ensure that your organization gets a complete package, which includes motivated managers and leaders. When we assist you in “appreciating your management system” and developing it based on the “as-is” of the system, you get a system that works. We should know, for we have in these 29 plus years been stakeholders in the success of our clients management system. Working with QMII means having the QMII backing forever and when needed. 

What We Can Do for You

Our management system consulting services go beyond what typical ISO consultants and maritime trainers, etc. provide to include:

  • Developing the system that runs your organization into your management system
  • Refocusing your system (on needs to cash or continued funding)
  • Transitioning your system from one standard to conformity with several standards
  • Creating the one system used to run your agency, business, charity, project or ship
  • Simplifying, globalizing or streamlining your management system
  • Engaging employees so they use systems to meet objectives and other requirements
  • And, as and when required, enabling first-time system certification

Our goal is to enable organizations to successfully apply process and system thinking in the real world to fulfill otherwise unattainable objectives. This includes offering the specialized assistance of integrated business planning and execution. This approach is superior to what is offered from those calling themselves ISO consultants because we can help your business realize the benefits of achieving a functional quality management system, that also conforms to quality standards.

QMII has been a pioneer in integrating quality systems into a broader business context. We long ago left the limited boundaries of being mere ISO consultants, and instead have developed approaches that will help you enable your management system to fulfill objectives and other requirements in addition to meeting external quality mandates. Assure quality, health, safety, security, operational integrity and sustainability while ensuring environment and corporate social responsibility. Address risk, prevent loss and add value.

In this more than 29-year journey of celebrating our client's success, we will continue to share lessons learned, while protecting our clients' intellectual property.

Please take the first step. Contact me, Captain IJ Arora, so my team of management consultants can collect your objectives and help you and your colleagues to deliver even more success from your system.

Who Are We?

QMII Consultancy Services is one of the original management systems consulting firms. We provide training, auditing and consulting services in both general quality and in specific areas such as ISO consulting and maritime training. We are experienced managers and consultants with over 28 years of focused experience across many industries

What We Do

The extent of our help depends upon our clients' objectives and resources. We work closely with our clients to manage their projects, and offer specialized training for companies seeking quality certifications such as ISO, Maritime and others.

Whom Do We Serve?

From Govt. organizations to large corporation, from professionals to Students, QMII provides management system consulting to anyone who wants to grow!

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