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To manage one must lead. To lead, one must understand the work that he and his people are responsible for. – W.E. Deming.

A well-developed process-based management system will ensure that the system functions effectively even when there is a weak link in the chain. However an organization seeks to develop not only an effective system but also an optimal one. Aware leaders help bridge that gap. QMII has recognized this important facet and for over 25 years we have helped develop ‘Aware’ leaders through our workshops and training. 

QMII recognizes that the Top Management is already leaders in their specific fields. Our training aims to help leaders become aware of their system, their personnel and the successful interaction between the two. We aim to help you align the individual objectives with organizational objectives and vice-versa. Through our workshops, with role play, we introduce strategies on collaboration between departments so that resources and ownership of final products are best shared. Our Leadership and teambuilding course will help your Top Management identify the areas of growth or change, within the organization and themselves. The course focuses on development in these key areas:

The Leadership and Teambuilding course  can be tailored to fit shift patterns, breaks and family commitments.


3 Days

Class Schedule:

This course is currrently offered In-house only

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