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Railways need "ready to run" transportation systems that meet the stringent requirements for everyday use and reliability. IRIS is an internationally recognized standard that includes the actual evaluation process as well as an audit and scoring methodology. It complements ISO 9001 and is unique to the rail industry. It is similar to the special quality management system standards already in place in the aerospace, automotive and food industries.

IRIS is recognized by major rail equipment companies including Alstom Transport, AnsaldoBreda, Siemens Transportation and Bombardier Transportation of North America and Europe.

Our IRIS training includes
Study of the 12 critical IRIS audit criteria and study of IRIS requirements for knowledge management, management of multi-site projects, contingency planning, tender management, supply chain management, production scheduling, production documentation, production process change control, tooling and equipment management, project management, configuration management, first article inspection, commissioning, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety, obsolescence and change management, additional documented procedures and key performance indicators.


Benefits of running your management system in conformity with IRIS
Customers and their suppliers will benefit from IRIS conformity and certification in several waysEvery organization in the entire supply chain commits their business management system to fulfill the system, process and product requirements. Consequently companies expect to eliminate the causes of avoidable costs while improving quality. Evaluation and approval of equipment manufacturers will become more efficient. Common business management system standards simplify both preparation and execution of the individual evaluation process leaving more time for value-adding work. 

  • Costs for manufacturers and suppliers will decrease.

  • Once a company passes evaluation, the certificate is valid for all equipment manufacturers.

  • Only one evaluation is required as the ISO 9001 standard is simply combined with rail-specific criteria.

  • Comprehensive data and its accessibility will improve. Specific and meaningful data about railway equipment manufacturers will be accessible to target interest groups.

Benefit from our IRIS training
We deliver our certified five-day courses in ISO 9001 and IRIS requirements for system development teams, managers, engineers and auditors.

Include IRIS training with your ISO 9001 courses by calling 888.357.9001 or by emailing us at Bring your leaders and ISO 9001 auditors up to speed with our eLearning.

Learn and apply IRIS requirements to upgrade your quality management system so it becomes your business management system ready for IRIS certification that is respected by your rail customers.