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C-TPAT is a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initiative for the security and protection of the supply chain for domestic US clients and international agencies trading with the USA. The basic philosophy is one of partnership. C-TPAT was launched in November 2001 following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Today more than 10,000 companies are members in this partnership to ensure global supply chain security.

The underlying principles of ISO 28000 are integral to the C-TPAT guidelines. The US CBP initiative in partnership with complying companies is meant to protect the supply chain from concealment of terrorist weapons, including weapons of mass effect, and global supply chain.

This compliance, as with ISO 28000, requires the use of process-based risk management systems to make and keep supply chains reliable and secure. Companies accepted by C-TPAT enjoy additional benefits from CBP as reduced inspections at the port of arrival, expedited processing at the border and other significant benefits such as priority in inspections and penalty mitigation. C-TPAT status is an additional variable factored into the post-incident contingency planning, should a terrorist act impact the international supply chain.

The security of the vessel and port is covered under the ISPS Code, which is an integral part of the Supply Chain Security. The Vessel Security Officer (VSO / SSO) and Company Security Officer (CSO) require mandatory training to be able to meet the responsibilities of their portion of the supply chain.

As management systems consultants, trainers and auditors QMII works with clients so they systematically assure security, reduce losses and continually improve supply chain security.

Our clients determine the scope of their systems and prioritize their security risks. They develop their business management systems to integrate new policies, objectives, processes and controls to address the top priority security risks to prevent loss while adding value.

Since 1986, we have developed, simplified and improved client management systems using our proven approach. We train our clients (and many successful individual consultants) to develop the essential competencies in the new processes of their supply chain security management systems. We also audit and advise on the effectiveness of these systems.

Join supply chain managers in successfully completing one of our five-day combined RABQSA certified ISO 28000 lead auditor classes. Then develop, audit and improve your supply chain’s management systems to fulfill policies and objectives for security in addition to those for quality and sustainability.

Please tell me what you want us to do for your system to be integrated and secure. – Captain IJ Arora

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