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Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Using BS OHSAS 18001 & ANSI Z-10

Employees are management system stakeholders, too!

As management system technology evolves, more organizations worldwide are developing their management systems to ensure key processes account for the health and safety of its workforce.  Aside from the most important ethical and moral issues, risks to team members must be managed to ensure adequate safety and continuity of operations.  Modern management practices acknowledge that employees and processes are the most valuable asset of an organization and must be protected as best as possible.

Many organizations today develop combined environmental and health and safety management systems that simultaneously account for the needs of the local and global environment, as well as the needs of its employees.

As occupational health and safety management system standards, BS OHSAS 18001 (UK) and ANSI Z-10 (US) provide basic, agreed requirements for good occupational health and safety management practices.  However, these minimal requirements only establish a framework for exceptional organizational performance, they do not guarantee it.

Organizations ensure adequate health and safety risk management, successful implementation of safety process controls and continual safety improvement through use of an OHSMS.  An OHSMS is the system used to convert employee safety needs into safe employees through effective business process management.

At QMII, we pride ourselves in our >20 year history of helping clients develop process-based OHSMS, long before conformity and compliance through continual process improvement became popular.

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