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December 2018
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Provide quality aerospace parts & service? It's time to prove it.
Whether you're seeking FAA, PMA or other approvals, take an auditing course that gets, and keeps, your organization's AS9110C certification in force-no matter what changes and challenges come.

Continual auditing is a fact under AS 9110 Rev. C. Don't just pass them; build your future upon them.

Regulatory organizations, operators, air frame manufacturers are just some of the organizations that take AS9110C certification seriously. So why not go the extra step and get trained in an auditing process that will survive not only initial certification, surveillance and re-certification, but give your organization a competitive and strategic edge?

Use the best practices that AS9110 C provides to not only demonstrate commitment for providing continuously-improved aerospace parts and services, but globally apply your quality management (and general management) systems to keep pushing beyond existing goals and capabilities. QMII has helped aerospace organizations transform the basic standard requirements into transformational, strategic processes, starting with our more integrated approach to AS 9110C lead auditor training.

Course details

Our AS 9110C Lead Auditor Training course is a five-day course that tells What is AS9110 Standard, provides the skills to manage first, second and third party AS9110C aerospace quality management system (AQMS) audits. You will learn the requirements of AS9110 Rev. C and how they relate to your aerospace quality management system. Even though AS9110 is used as the model for teaching systems and audit, this course enables students to develop and apply auditing skills using any applicable management system standard.

In addition to the course specifics, please see our AS 9100 series training section for more general information including additional payment options, cancellations, common questions and other training options.

Course duration

Five days with classes starting at 9 a.m., ending at 6 p.m. including lunch and two breaks.


See individual course dates and locations as fees can change based on class registration levels.

Course discounts

$100 Early Bird Discount with 30+ days notice

Multiple registration discounts:

  • 5-day courses 2-5 $100
  • 6+$300
  • 3-day courses 2+ $100
  • 2-day courses 2+ $50)

See other discount options and guidelines.

Course instructions and provided materials

Participants will receive AS9110 Quality Manual and other reference materials. Students must bring a copy of the AS 9110 standard to class. You may purchase the standard here. Participants are encouraged to bring their organization's particular process and system documentation and concerns to class, and the instructor will attempt to answer specific questions.

Students not initially passing the course will be allowed to retest at a later date.

Included Interactive Workshops:

Analyzing processes to identify resources and critical controls

Reviewing system documentation and preparing an audit plan

Reviewing processes and preparing checklists

Verifying facts

Determining nonconformities

Writing nonconformity statements

Interviewing auditees

Conducting a closing meeting

Reporting the audit

Taking corrective action

Learning objectives

In our AS9110C Lead Auditor Training course, you will learn What is AS9110, AS9110 Standard, the skills to conduct and lead first, second and third party audits, as well as process and system audits to assess conformity to AS9110:2016. Participants will be able to:

  • What is AS9110
  • Interpret the requirements of AS9110 Rev.C*
  • Understand additional aerospace requirements including AS9101 and AS9104
  • Recognize AS9101 process-based auditing model and required documents
  • Identify IAQG sector scheme requirements
  • Understand the AQMS auditing process
  • Plan, perform and report audits
  • Take effective corrective action
  • Monitor, report and improve system performance
  • Understand the registration and certification process

*Note: AS9110 C includes the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.



Suggested previous training



To get the most out of your Aerospace Quality Management Systems Auditor using AS9110 C class, we recommend that prior to starting the class, you:

  • Have a basic understanding of the aerospace industry
  • Review the content of AS9110C
  • Complete the pre-class self-study materials provided by QMII

Who needs this course?

  • Management Representatives
  • Quality Assurance Directors
  • Individuals interested in conducting aerospace audits
  • Engineers
  • Consultants

This course also benefits a range of professionals including quality managers and directors, business process owners/managers, supply chain/purchasing managers, chief executives and directors.

Certificates You Will Earn

Probitas Authentication Certificate for:

AS 9110 Rev. C Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) Auditor

Building your reputation through these earned course certificates

This class is certified by Probitas Authentication. Successful graduates have satisfied part of the knowledge requirements for registering as a Probitas Authentication certified AS9110 Rev. C Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) Auditor.

As of March 01, 2016 Exemplar Global transferred all Aerospace courses certification to Probitas Authentication. All previously completed Aerospace Auditor TCC certificates issued by QMII will be accepted by Probitas Authentication on par. Please contact our office for further details.