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December 2018
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Who we are, what we do and why it really does matter to you...

For over 30 years, we've put our client's needs first. We desire not to be the biggest, rather the most supportive. We have become the best quality management systems service, by first asking what our clients need.

Who we are

Quality Management International, Inc. (QMII) is one of the original management systems consulting firms. We provide training, auditing and consulting services to empower organizations to continually improve their performance using their Process-based Management Systems. This allows our clients to meet the needs of their customers, employees, and other stakeholders faster and more efficiently.

What we do

Our insights are based on:

  • Assisting hundreds of organizations upgrade their business management systems
  • Redesigning hundreds of processes to improve quality, safety, security, environmental performance, efficiency, and profitability
  • Our wealth of global experience across diverse industries
  • Our unique People>Processes>System™approach to developing management systems


Since our foundation in 1986, we have served organizations in many different industries including energy, manufacturing, transportation, engineering, aerospace, chemical processing, professional services, food, medical device, construction, government, and education among others.

Building the right process

We believe improved quality is every client's right and every QMII Team Member's responsibility.

"Organizations are often held back by ineffective (but 'ISO certified') systems."

QMII is committed to your success. An effective management system provides a comprehensive advantage to your organization. For QMII, the...

People > Process > System™

...approach is in everything we do as we work to achieve your objectives. Because the quality we infuse in your system affects your business outcomes we measure our credibility by measuring your success. And we stand by you forever as advisors.

Your organization already has a system. Often, organizations are held back by ineffective (but "ISO certified") systems. We have been able to streamline these systems that were weighted down with excessive paperwork and turn them into user-friendly, efficient systems that determine customer and stakeholder requirements and ensure they are fulfilled.

Our services to you

Quality Management International, Inc. (QMII) has been dedicated to our clients' success for over 30 years. We know that management systems are essential for competitive organizations to effectively convert stakeholder needs into cash in the bank. To help our clients achieve this, we offer all three main quality management services:

QMII works with its clients to develop complete management solutions. We empower clients to manage risks and innovate ensuring continual improvement. Systems, processes, services and products must meet the needs of customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. We know that every organization is unique, so is our approach to each of them.

This delivers solutions that enable clients to strategically align their business and system objectives, improve engagement, and integrate management tools to meet objectives/missions and overcome challenges.

We audit professionally with sufficient pre-planning to ensure a quick cost effective audits (less auditee interaction = less auditee cost). QMII audits to determine both conformity and effectiveness. We ensure our auditors follow four simple rules:

  1. Benefit the audit client and the auditee-creating opportunities to strengthen the system and make better fact based decisions
  2. Focus on process and system effectiveness with respect to agreed objectives
  3. Each Non-Conformity should clearly state the requirement, evidence and nature so it drives Correction and Corrective Action
  4. Completely, objectively and clearly define conclusions

Whether your goal is system certification, jump-starting your organization's continual improvement process, advancing your personal credentials or simply learning about applied process and systems thinking, we offer training that will fulfill your objectives. Our training focuses on developing process-based management systems (PBMS)and continually improving management systems. QMII training develops competence and your ability to perform immediately after the training.

Addressing your unique needs

QMII honors your existing management system; after all, it is what has allowed you to remain in business! Consequently, we do not propose "one size fits all" solutions or impose systems to fit our template or standard. Our management system experts listen and learn how your system works and then work with you to develop it so you can use and improve it (again with our assistance as required) to meet your objectives.

Process-based management systems

A PBMS Leadership Profile



Value Via the PBMS

Many of today's practicing management consultants and auditors were originally trained by QMII. Why? Our approach is specific and not based on templates. Our insights are based on experience gained in assisting hundreds of organizations to upgrade their business management systems, redesign processes, coach leadership and improve teamwork. The advice of the QMII consultancy team ranges from policy making and strategic thinking to, working hands-on with our customers to design and implement practical and cost effective solutions. We encourage our clients to retain ownership of their system and become confident and competent to use the system effectively. At QMII, it is our mission to enable leaders and their teams to appreciate, in every sense of the word, their Process-based Management Systems (PBMS).

Pricing to meet your budget

We understand that everyone has a budget and we have a solution to accommodate any financial plan. Believe it or not, you have everything you need to "Do-It-Yourself" right here on the QMII University website completely free of charge! For those with a small budget, we have excellent training options including public courses, on-site training and even e-Learning. And for organizations that need extra support, we have a variety of Consulting and Auditing options which we are certain will meet your needs.

Quality of OUR work

QMII brings to you integrity and social responsibility in ensuring your system works. Your organization gets a complete package which includes motivated managers aspiring to be leaders. When we assist you in "appreciating your management system" and developing it based on the "as-is" of the system you get a system that works. We should know, for we have in these 30 plus years plus been stakeholders in the success of our clients' management system. Working with QMII means having the QMII backing for ever and when needed.

Alumni for Life

At QMII we value our customers and thus in a long-standing tradition we proudly say that QMII Alumni are Alumni for life. We will answer, for free, for life, any of our Alumina's questions.

Contact Us

Talk to our clients or talk to us. We will listen carefully before saying we can help you. When we cannot help, we do our best to direct you to who can. Visit our website, too (www.QMII.com). It is packed with insights gained from many successful management system development and certification projects using the Process Approach since 1986.

Now that you know more about Quality Management International, Inc., feel free to browse our site. If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, please contact us - we are always happy to hear from you!