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E-learning Testimonials ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Companies are using or developing systems to manage risk, meet customer needs for more value and conform to requirements such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Are you planning to combine your audit team? Why double auditee time and other resources on separate audits of your quality and environmental management systems? Consider our Combined Systems and Internal Auditor class for training your auditors so the managers and auditees can decrease the time they spend in audit. You may also be using our website to integrate the Q/EMS into the one business management system.

We can bring your current team up to speed on combined auditing or help you take a group of carefully selected employees with little or no knowledge of either standard to become competent internal auditors. They report opportunities for improvement from their investigations of the effectiveness of your management system and its conformity to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. For this we have developed a class (available in-house only) for achieving this objective with the following features:

  • We incorporate the procedures from your QMS and EMS or Business Management System for internal auditing and corrective action.
  • We provide a self-study course for you to distribute so all students can prepare for success in their class with a few hours of pre-class study of the system standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • We facilitate practice of applying the standards and the auditing conventions (per ISO 19011).
  • We conduct student quizzes and class-wide reviews at planned stages in the learning process to enable early correction of any misunderstandings.
  •  We deliver short lectures and facilitate discussions and workshops with role-play.
  •  We provide practice in applying the standards, interviewing a variety of auditees and deciding on nonconformities through role-play.
  •  Our materials and the student reference manual are based on our RABQSA certified lead auditor training.
  •  Students succeeding in the class are ready to start auditing (we will recommend the audit team leaders) and to become fully competent as value-adding internal auditors.

Your instructors from our team have extensive experience leading the implementation and auditing of management systems before and after they are certified as conforming to multiple system standards. Classes are taught in-house to develop the team spirit and to fit shift patterns, breaks and family 
commitments in 3 to 5 consecutive days. Experienced but separate internal audit teams need our three-day class while inexperienced combined internal audit teams need our five-day class.

Call us at 888.357.9001 if you are training auditors, combining your teams of internal auditors or 
developing a new team of combined internal auditors.

Study to see how business management systems give more cost savings beyond certification to system standards.